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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 6

     The morning started early at 6:15am. But fear not, I still managed to get breakfast and seem awake enough to function. Something I have learned on this trip is that personalities have truly come out. Didn't get enough sleep? Too bad, wake up and breathe in the Dutch air. By bus, we arrived at Centraal Station to hop on the train to Den Haag, then transitioned into a bus to visit the ICC.

     Featuring baby sloth in her most natural state. 

     At the ICC, we were given a presentation of how the courts work and briefs over some cases. 

     Although I didn't get any pictures, we were given the opportunity to meet with the Humanitarian Department of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. What I found interesting is that their main focus with helping refugees is to enable them and their choices instead of just handing them money. This creates a chance to open a small economy and let their host community thrive (the host community being the area they flee to, and hopefully stay at). Below are the notes I was able to capture during his presentation.

     Even if we weren't able to tour the Peace Palace, I was there and I threw the AST anchor in pride, always taking Apha Sigma Tau with me everywhere. The Peace Palace is also known as the International Justice Court.

     Elliot, Camille, Rachel and I ended our night at New York pizza where Archie was able to try the four cheese pizza that we ordered.

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