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Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 5

     Breakfast at 7:30am, bright and early! We all left at 8:30am to head to visit with the urban city planner, Frans Dubbledam, to discuss the expansion of Amsterdam. Sadly, he wasn't as academically backed as we had all hoped. Included are the notes I took!

     After the presentation, we traveled back over to Central Station and picked up bikes from the Mac Bike shop. It took a few minutes, but finally Ruud was found and we started our tour of the Amsterdam Nord. The first stop was De Ceuvel. De Ceuvel can be described as an innovative small-business collective that is trying to revive the poisonous ground they work on. Each small business works out of old, renovated boat houses that are surrounded by lifted paths. The ground is very poisonous, and it will take 10 years to clear up, so these paths were built to help the process. This is the true definition of reusing, reducing, and recycling. Hats off to the young entrepreneurs.

Featuring Elliott, modern day Tarzan.

     A beautiful restaurant completely reconstructed with recycled wood and other materials ft. a recycled boat turned bench.

The "Idea Tree"

     After visiting De Ceuvel, Ruud took us to a place that was considered an area for Amsterdam's squatters. But what we saw was far more incredible than I imagined. People are given the space to create their homes and offices, and this is what we saw. 

     Seeing this place brought me back to childhood where my dad and I built my lofted playhouse in our barn. Except these lofts are so much more complex. Following this picture is the infrastructure people are given when they move into the warehouse, and from there, they implement housing into the metal skeleton. 

The artwork was also just as inspiring!

Archie got in on some of the dock action, too! 

     Lastly, we were introduced to an Amsterdam city council member who was also a representative for the Democrats 66 political party, Bart Vink. 

It was an extremely early night to fall asleep, but the walking and biking is really exhausting.

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