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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Day 4

     After being the first ones up, Marian and I ended up being the last ones up today... By 15 minutes. Our first tour is the Rijksmuseum. There were so many works, but what I found fascinating was the handcrafted furniture.

After the tour, we enjoyed some lunch at the Grand Cafe de Nieuwe (it was close-ish to Yellow Bike rentals). A chicken and cheese sandwich, simple and tasty.

     Then came for the countryside bike tour. Where else can you ride bikes in Amsterdam? ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. It's refreshing, and I even got to see the Amsterdam skyline. Being able to see this beautiful place from a bike's perspective is so gratifying. I rode it myself, I made it out here, and look at the reward. The tour ended with a lovely lunch by the dikes; although I'm not huge on pesto, this was pretty great. 

     Also, I earned my first battle wound today on the roads of Amsterdam. The bike and I crashed, and I ended up with a gnarly markup. Ending the day with a little sprite and protein, goodnight. 

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