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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 2

     Starting at 8:30am, Camille and I strolled into the restaurant for breakfast. They had an incredible amount of fresh fruit, juices, and meats. I was astounded after arriving. After breakfast, we all met in the lobby in order to make it to Central Station by 10:00am. We all started with a walking tour with our guide Ruud (who teaches psychology). A fun fact that I learned was that 18% of the cyclists in Amsterdam have an anti-social disorder. Ruud guided us to important places such as the Amarath, Henry Hudson's building (the Crying Tower), and Warmoesstraat (the oldest street in Amsterdam). Lastly, we took a bike tour with Yellow Bike.

Amstel River

Warmoesstraat (Oldest Street)

The Crying Tower

Amarath Hotel

Other sites in the city

"Prayer without end"

Wok to Walk

The IJ

Our Yellow Bike Tour Guide, Rick, ft. Rachel's head

The Anne Frank House

Ending the night with Archie

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