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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 1

     It was 11:00am when we arrived in Amsterdam (4:00am ET). To say I didn't feel at home would be a lie. This place is so alive and thriving in it's beautiful culture. Archie received his Delta wings. Honestly, over an 8-hour flight, I didn't sleep once. However, my allergies got the best of me today with a stuffiness and tension headache. I still enjoyed the afternoon and napping in the hotel room. We visited a Turkish restaurant for a late dinner. Some type of chicken sandwich... But it was delicious. The filafels, vegetarian, were also pretty spectacular. 

     Now the nightlife, it's a different animal. Even more radiant, all of the people come out at night and create a calming atmosphere. Time to find the tram and fall into a jet-lagged coma.

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