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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 3

     The first tour this morning was in the Van Gogh Museum. To know that he was barely 37 when he attempted to take his own life and passed away two days later, is a travesty. But with over 100 paintings and 500 drawings created in over a span of 10 years, his life was fully illustrated by this museum and his works. I was unable to get pictures due to the rules within the museum, so that I apologize for. But I was able to pick up a gift for mom (an ongoing tradition for when I travel). Archie was even able to get in on some of the Van Gogh action.

     After the tour in the Van Gogh Museum, we briefly learned about diamonds. It takes three years for basic diamond cutting training. Pictured below is the guide on how to value a diamond as well as a crystal colored, small inclusion, and has the 201 royal facet. Too much money in one picture.

     After the diamond museum, we tried finding the vegetarian festival. But to no avail, we did not find the festival, but discovered the Tour de France has started organizing.

     At 8:00pm, the class went in a tour of the Red Light District (which we all got lost trying to find last night), funnily it was not too far from Centraal Station. It was an opportunity to meet up with Marishka, who really fought and spoke for the sex worker's union here in Amsterdam. They are people, who should have the same rights we do. 

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