Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 7

     Here in Amsterdam, they are experiencing warmer temperatures than they ever have. Heeding warnings of putting on sunscreen, drinking more water, and to take shade when necessary. It's an interesting cultural difference because in the United States the summer is known for scorching hot temperatures. So to me, I feel like I can handle the heat. Off to a bike tour with Peter today. 

     Our first stop took place on the roof of Amsterdam's public library. You don't have to be quiet in here, you can talk and even use your cellphone freely. I felt "on top of the world".

     Something I have also learned on this trip is that the Dutch, although very friendly, don't like to listen. For example, the other day we went to grab lunch and the kitchen opened at 12:00pm. The waitress was uncaring to if we were hungry, they "needed time" to get ready. Once I tried asking for the waitress' attention, she got very rude with me and said she was eating and to not interrupt her. I believe in capitalism in the server's perspective because we work for our wages in the United States and treat our customers with respect although we work hard for them. 

     As the bike tour continued, we took a stop at Het Schip Museum to explore the Amsterdam School architecture. Amsterdam School architecture is a style that was developed with influence to create housing for the workers coming into the neighborhood. In the pictures below, the difference of the lower working class and the higher working class are illustrated as well as the 30 different brick patterns within the buildings. 

(Lower working class dwelling)

(Higher working class dwelling)

The Tower

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