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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Day 11: Our Last Day

     It's the last day, and to end our Amsterdam tour, Hein de Haan (a local architect and retired architecture professor at TU Delft) gave us a tour of the three man-made islands within Amsterdam. First we started in the Eastern Docklands, then continued a brief sighting of the housing developments in Zeeburgereiland and Steigereiland near IJBurg.

     Azartplein was an complicated area to wrap my mind around. Originally a squatter's area, Hein along with other architects, helped developed housing for multiple people within the building. A very community-oriented building, everyone is able to keep their bikes inside, have an area for recreation, and have a beautiful sight of the surround canals.

     Although I didn't get any pictures of the last to islands (my phone died, how irresponsible of me), they were a sight to see. Hein showed us the complex where he lived and worked, and showed us how beautiful community living could truly be. There they built in a Kinder-care type area, where the residents could take their children while they went to work, a community theatre which also included a guest room for any of the resident's guests (10 euros a night), and soon to be a community-ran café. It was somewhere I could live, flourish, and even retire. 

     Because it was our last night, Dr. Hanka and I decided it was time to finally get a crepe and watch the magic happen in the Red Light District. 

     Alongside the crepe stop, Marian, Elliot and I decided it was ALSO time to do a little exploring which involved a stop at a public playground. Yes, I played photographer.

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